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Local estate agents are reporting a brisk level of activity in the Ealing property market since lockdown restrictions were eased.

Buyers have reappeared very quickly as their ability to move home had been curtailed since March.

Donald Collins, Sales Director at goview London said, “We knew we would be facing a lot of pent up demand when the Government informed us to re-open on 13th May and this assertion has proved to be absolutely correct and I am really pleased that we gave clients consistent, well-informed advice.

“Since the re-opening, garden properties have become a lot more popular, and while there is some discussions that people will be leaving London in big numbers, the reality is a lot of people cannot just up and leave without at least a year’s planning. Many also don’t want to, we live in one of the best areas of London with great local schools and high streets. You see people discussing open spaces, parks etc. as a means of quality of life and in Ealing we have an abundance of nice parks.

“Clearly, a lot of people, will be slightly hesitant in the current climate regarding buying property, but if you look at the underlying fundamentals of the market, the way the stock market has bounced back and the fact that interest rates are so low it gives you a clear indication that the market will remain strong and robust.”

Figures recently published for the first quarter of the year, before the health emergency, show that the local property market was performing steadily but with a low volume of sales.

The average sale price for a home in the W5 postcode was £738,092 according to the Land Registry. This was slightly down on the same period last year and a declining proportion of flat sales helped support the average.

West Ealing appears to have fared slightly less well with a 14% decline over the year. However, the low number of transactions makes generalization difficult and there was the opposite effect on prices to W5 with the proportion of house sales declining compared to flats. If the numbers are considered on a like for like basis, it seems more likely that the price drops were in single digits.

Buyers remained keen on larger family properties and the highest price paid so far this year was £3,325,000 for a detached house on Ascott Avenue. £2,625,000 changed hands for another detached house on Grange Park.

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