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Landlords Need to Know

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Ealing. Buy to Let: What landlords need to know. Winkworth agents share their insights into the 2020 buy to let market and provide useful advice for landlords looking for up to date information.

The Buy to Let landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. A number of new government regulations have been introduced which, along with the impact of Covid-19, means it’s more important than ever for landlords to stay informed.

Several new rules have been gradually phased in since 2017, significantly changing the Buy to Let market and impacting landlords’ profits.

In addition, landlords used to be able to deduct Buy to Let mortgage interest payments from their taxes. It is also now mandatory for all rental properties to have an electrical safety certificate and an energy grade of E or above.

Presentation is key

Landlords Need to KnowPresentation is more important than ever. If a prospective tenant is being shown four or five homes in one day, yours needs to stand out. Aaron says, “During the first lockdown, garden space was key but now we are seeing space to work from home and a better finished home as higher priorities for tenants.”

Overall, while the new government rules positively impact the quality of life for tenants, some landlords are struggling with higher costs. This, along with the pressures brought along by Covid-19, means that it is vital to have established, professional agents on board to help manage your properties and keep abreast of the shifting market.

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