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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Ealing. Too many people live in expensive, unsuitable, poor quality homes.

Expensive, Unsuitable, Poor

Barriers to housebuilding must be removed urgently as too many people are living in expensive, unsuitable and poor quality properties. It is according to a House of Lords committee.

Skills shortages must be addressed, planning departments need more resources, and money spent on housing benefit. It should be invested in increasing the social housing stock over time, the cross-party Lords Built Environment Committee said.

Uncertainty and delays to planning reforms have had a “chilling effect” on housebuilding. And it’s created uncertainty for housebuilders and planners, it argued.

It also called for the role of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to be boosted to help meet housing demand.

The Lords committee said the role of SMEs in the housebuilding industry had “collapsed”.

They should be supported by reducing planning risk, making more small sites available, and increasing access to finance, it added.

More housing is also needed which is suitable for elderly people. It said, with one in four people in the UK set to be aged over 65 by 2050.

Government figures show skills shortages accounted for 36% of construction vacancies and 48% of manufacturing and skilled trades vacancies, the committee said.

Shortages must be addressed, through broadening the base of talent, upskilling and reskilling. This includes for the green skills needed to address climate change, it added.

It also claimed Right to Buy schemes are not good value for money and increasing the housing supply would be more effective.

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