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All About Ealing Property

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For businesses, Ealing offers a dynamic environment.

Business growth in Ealing is seriously impressive, with more VAT registered businesses located here than anywhere else in West London. Its Park Royal industrial estate is the largest in Europe and is home to major companies including Diageo, Joe and Seph’s and The National Grid.

Other companies established in the borough include Ferrero, Brompton Bikes, Random House Books, the British Marketing Research Bureau and the world famous Ealing Studios.

All About Ealing Property

The borough offers an enviable location alongside affordable rents and studio space for freelancers and young businesses, particularly those in the creative fields.

Ealing spans both the inner city and the outer suburbs of the Capital, and it has developed its own unique identity built around its seven town centres. At the heart of West London between Heathrow, the world’s busiest airport and central London, Ealing is the ideal location for creating strong business links regionally, nationally and internationally.

As an area that is already a strong economic centre, the borough is an extremely attractive location for development, and the council and its partners are committed to providing support and encouraging continued growth and development of the right quality in the right places.

Ealing is also a highly attractive area in which to live, offering a special mix of good quality housing, excellent shopping facilities and stunning parks and open spaces.

There are already excellent transport links via road and rail. Soon, Ealing will have five new Crossrail stations, further strengthening the transport network and the stations themselves will create new major development opportunities in the surrounding areas.

Living in Ealing provides the best of both worlds. For an evening out in London’s famous West End or a weekend break in the beautiful countryside of the South East and beyond, Ealing is the perfect base.

Ealing is also a fantastic place to live in its own right. It offers an exciting mix of inspiration, fun and relaxation, with excellent arts and leisure facilities and more than eight square kilometres of parks and green spaces. And as one of London’s biggest boroughs, there is everything you would expect to find in a lively metropolitan centre, with museums, a local theatre, cinemas, galleries and an eclectic mix of restaurants and bars to choose from.

Ealing also has a wealth of history and residents and visitors alike can enjoy cultural gems such as the Heritage Quarter in central Ealing including the area around the world-famous Ealing Studios. There are also a number of buildings of historic and architectural interest, including the Hoover Building, an impressive example of 1930s Art Deco.

Local schools enjoy a good reputation and major improvements continue to be made to school sites.

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